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Essential Guide to early learning service management in NSW offers extensive information about a director’s role and the how to of managing money and resources, staff, compliance, planning, policy, children’s safety, leadership and advocacy of an education and care service.

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By CELA 11 Jun, 2021

How we can help remove bias from children’s aspirations

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a common question asked to children of all ages, but did you know that how children answer that question is influenced by their gender, their environment and their socio-economic status?

Career education shouldn’t start in preschool – but there is a role for early childhood in broadening children’s horizons and building children’s aspirations. We share insights gathered from a recent study that shows how gender can influence aspirations, and tips on how early educators can help broaden children’s horizons.

By CELA 7 Jun, 2021

How to incorporate spontaneous music opportunities throughout the day

You don’t need to be an accomplished musician or singer to include music in your daily program! Research shows that music eases stress, stimulates brain development, aids memory and spatial awareness, supports communication and language development and promotes a sense of wellbeing. That makes music a fantastic (if not vital) addition to any early education and care setting… but singing and dancing with children can sometimes seem daunting.

Music advocate and former Educational Leader Jennifer Barker shares tips for how you can easily incorporate spontaneous music opportunities throughout the day.

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