CELA provides a unique consultancy service. What sets us apart is the diversity of skills within our team, which allow us to successfully apply the very best expertise to the specific needs of each client. 

Setting up and running an early or middle childhood education and care service is undoubtedly complex. The good news is that we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We can guide you through all aspects of the set up and implementation of a successful service. Our highly experienced consultants will show you how to meet regulations and understand compliance, quality checks and ratings. We can also work with you to prepare business plans, set-up staff recruitment and deal with committees.

Our expertise, knowledge and wide network of resources enable us to provide personalised and customised consulting solutions to suit your specific needs.

I have great news regarding the centre: Our service approval has officially been granted! Your advice played a key role in our success, and I would like to extend to you our sincere thanks on behalf of the Church and the childcare centre. 

St Paul’s Childcare Centre

Requests for consultancy are incredibly broad and at all times our focus is on helping clients to achieve quality early education with operational success. 

We are particularly excited about our Strategic Planning service, which has already enabled a number of services to transform the way they operate and flourish. ‚Äč

We can help with

  • Review of plans for new build or renovation

  • Compliance and quality checks

  • Policies

  • Strategic planning and service approval

  • Development and review of policies

  • Job descriptions

  • Creating quality early learning environments

  • Research and advice, both in person or over the phone

  • Becoming an Approved Provider

  • Developing a QIP

  • Applying for CCS

We offer consulting to support you throughout your service journey

  • Starting out

  • Going ahead

  • Getting down to business

  • Engaging with the sector

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